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Prioritizing engagement is an essential part of the WiSE Strategy Playbook ™.  While One on One coaching will help you unlock your full potential as a leader, the key to unlocking the full potential of your business is to have a well-thought-out Engagement Strategy that incorporates top-down, outside-in, and inside out insights into your overall Strategic Plan.
If your business has not yet grown to the point where you can afford to pay six to seven figures to hire a full board of directors to help provide top down insights, there are significantly less expensive yet equally effective ways to engage other faith-based CEOs to help you grow your business. You can join a CEO Peer Advisory Board. There are many to choose from and we have researched the majority of them. Based upon our thorough research, we have chosen to partner with Convene, a leader in the Christian CEO Peer Advisory Board space.
We offer the opportunity to join 2,000+ other Christian CEOs who have participated on Convene Peer Advisory Boards. Our Board Chairs have extensive experience.  They leverage Master's Level Curriculum that has been curated over 27 years in partnership with leading Universities.
For non-CEOs, we provide the opportunity to participate in Key Leader Forums where you gain access to diverse thought leadership, learn to become a more effective decision maker, build confidence and prepare for the next level of leadership. Book a Free Discovery Call to determine which type of board will be most beneficial for your business.

Three Reasons why Participating on a Peer Advisory Board is an essential part of a WiSE Strategy?

1. Profits Improve 
Better - Faster - Cheaper Decision Making: 
The collective wisdom of the board introduces a variety of business strategies and experiences, leading to more informed decision-making. This diversity can uncover new opportunities for growth, cost savings, and innovative solutions to complex problems, directly contributing to improved profitability and faster execution.
Accountability for Goal Achievement: 
The structured accountability of a peer advisory board encourages CEOs to commit to and pursue strategic goals. This focus can lead to significant business achievements and financial success, as members are motivated to follow through on initiatives that drive profitability.
Access & Insights: 
Access to a broader network of Christian CEOs and their connections can open up new business opportunities, partnerships, and market expansions. These relationships can be instrumental in driving sales, entering new markets, and leveraging partnerships for cost efficiencies.
2. Faith Deepens
Faith-Based Support and Ethical Guidance:
Engaging with a community of like-minded Christian leaders provides a unique platform to explore and deepen one's faith, especially in the context of business challenges. This environment fosters a deeper understanding of how Christian values can guide ethical business practices, decision-making, and leadership styles.
Integration of Faith and Work:
Participating in discussions that focus on the intersection of faith and business allows CEOs to better integrate their spiritual beliefs with their professional actions. This holistic approach to leadership not only enriches personal faith but also models a faith-driven approach to business for employees, customers, and business partners.
Spiritual Accountability:
Regular engagement with a group that shares a commitment to Christian principles offers a level of spiritual accountability, encouraging CEOs to align their business practices and personal lives with their faith. This can lead to a more meaningful and fulfilling professional journey.
3. Relationships Flourish
Build Meaningful Connections:
CEOs often face isolation in their roles. Being part of a peer advisory board offers a supportive community that understands the unique challenges of leadership. This support can be both professional and personal, offering encouragement during difficult times and celebrating successes together.
Collaborative Opportunities:
Through the formation of strong relationships within the board, members often find opportunities to collaborate on projects, ventures, or philanthropic efforts. These collaborations can enhance business operations and community impact, but they also strengthen the bonds between members, enriching their professional and personal lives.
Enhance Personal Life & Work-Life Balance:
The board provides a platform to share strategies and experiences on managing the demands of leadership alongside personal commitments. This exchange of ideas encourages a more balanced approach to work and life, fostering healthier family relationships and personal well-being. The emphasis on Christian values further supports the importance of prioritizing time for spiritual growth, family, and personal interests outside of work. Members learn and can implement practices that lead to a more fulfilling personal life, ultimately contributing to greater overall satisfaction and effectiveness as a leader.

Here are some of the 2,000+ Convene Peer Advisory Board Participating Companies

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