Making an Impact
Stories of success from Peer Advisory Board Members themselves.

Becoming a Steward Owner
Are you stuck solving day-to-day problems that other people in your organization should be handling? That time is taking you away from strategic vision work that will provide long-lasting solutions and value to your organization. Listen to Elyas Balta’s story about going from working in the business to working on the business with the help of his Peer Advisory Board
Creating a More Vibrant Workplace
Joining a Peer Advisory Board transformed Ed Chan, CEO and President of C. Pacific Foods, from prioritizing profits to valuing people first, creating a more rewarding and vibrant workplace. Through his journey with the board, Ed discovered the power of integrating his faith with his business acumen, resulting in a unified and fulfilling approach to leadership. This transformation not only benefited him personally but also created a workplace where employees feel valued and inspired.

Overcoming Analysis Paralysis

Decisiveness is important, and your inability to decide may be costing your company money, whether you know it or not. Scott Hollrah of Venn Technology learned this lesson quickly when he struggled to let go of an employee that clearly wasn’t a fit. Listen to his story of overcoming “analysis paralysis” with the help of his Peer Advisory Board Chair.

Uncovering Blind Spots
As a leader you will always have blind spots that won’t be recognized until you step into a community of supportive peers. Molly Nocon of Noah Homes learned invaluable information about her leadership style through the onboarding process with her Convene CEO Peer Advisory Board. Her story highlights the assessments you would receive as you begin your journey.
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