Launch Partner Hub

Welcome to our Launch Partner Hub, we are excited that you are interested in helping Spread the Word, encouraging Christians to unite and wear their heart on their sleeve (or should we say their faith on their sleeve).
What a powerful vision it will be, seeing hundreds of thousands of individuals publicly acknowledging Jesus and expressing their faith on the same day all around the world! And, if we are so fortunate, it may even present opportunities for individuals to express their faith when questioned about their choice of clothing for the day. 

We welcome participation from businesses and Christian leaders who are interested in becoming official Gospel Shirt Day launch partners. We will gladly put your name and or logo on our websites and marketing material if you so desire. Here are the types of Launch Partners we are currently welcoming:

1. Participation Partners - Simply need to be willing to permit (or encourage) their employees to wear a Gospel Shirt Day T-Shirt on 03.16.  Yes, that means you are willing to offer a "dress down" day if you still require employees to wear professional business or business casual attire.
2. Video Production Partners - Individuals/Companies who are willing to donate their time, talents or resources to help with video production and social media marketing efforts.
3. Apparel Partners - Companies who are interested in producing and or distributing officially licensed Gospel Shirt Day merchandise.
4. Social Media Partners - Individuals/Companies who are enthusiastic and willing to post information about Gospel Shirt Day on their social media sites to encourage Christians to unite in an effort to Clothe the World in Scripture.
5. Advisory Board Partners - Individuals who are willing to participate in periodic advisory board meetings to help grow this truly become a sustainable worldwide celebration of Jesus.
6. Non-Profit Partners - Non profit organizations who are interested in raising funds in an effort to allow us to distribute free shirts with John 3:16 printed on them to people in need or non-profits who are interested in receiving free shirts for distribution to people they serve.

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