Communications Partner Hub

Welcome to our Communications Partner Hub, we are excited that you are interested in helping Spread the Word, encouraging Christians to unite and wear their heart on their sleeve (or should we say their faith on their sleeve).
What a powerful vision it will be, seeing hundreds of thousands of individuals publicly acknowledging Jesus and expressing their faith on the same day all around the world! And, if we are so fortunate, it may even present opportunities for individuals to express their faith when questioned about their choice of clothing for the day. 
Our primary objective for the day is to Celebrate Jesus. 

Our 1st ask is simple. It is to encourage individuals to:
Wear John 3:16 on 03.16

Our 2nd ask of individuals is equally simple but may require some reminding. Our second ask on 03.16 is to pray!  We believe now is the time to for Christians to:

Come Together & Pray Together

More specifically, we are asking Christians to take a moment to pause and pray at 3:16 pm on 03.16 in whatever time zone they happen to be in. We hope to create a wave of prayer around the globe, every hour on the hour.
Wouldn't that be amazing and a powerful expression of our faith!  We see "cheer waves" circling around stadiums at just about every sporting event these days. Let's take that same enthusiasm and same excitement that enthusiastic fans generate at every event and put that energy and worship toward something that really matters, Jesus!
Help us encourage people to create a "Prayer Wave" around the world!
How Can I Help?

The most impactful way that you can help get the word out is to introduce the Gospel Shirt Project and Gospel Shirt Day to your audience. We are available for interviews and can provide you with images and messages for social media.

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